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     With a clic, you can personalize the documentation from each company
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     Designed tool thinking of the final user, with simple interfaces and intuitive menus.
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     Forget to pursue your contracts, revise documents, be waiting for your renewal... We will take care of it
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     Fully integrated access control which ensures access to authorized staff only

Outsourcing of the coordination business activities

We take care of everything

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Forget to pursue your contracts, demand documentation, verifiy it, file it, write down the terms of renewal of the documents, send listings to access control specifying the staff who can accede your facilities, etc. etc.

We take care of everything. We have a Technicians team in Risk Prevention in the workplace, with  an extensive experience of it and in the management of business activities. Our collaboration is completely integral, and it can range from the participation in the definition of the Coordination Protocol, to the documentation review and validation, or supporting “in situ” when you are unemployed. 

We will be a strategic partner for you.

Integrated Access Control

Link access to documentary compliance requirements ...

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The access control module, fully integrated into the application of coordination of business activities, can affect access of employees, vehicles and equipment to different workplaces. This restriction is given both for compliance with documentary requirements previously defined, for the days and/or hours with permitted access. 

Furthermore, the system allows us to establish at all times the degree requirement or flexibility to be applied.

Also, from the module you can manage the access of  visitors, being able to register the enter and exit of these and make a prior planning, so that on your arrival it only has to be announced to the concerned person and register access with a simple click.

The system keeps, permanently updated, a record of all external staff in our facilities, and you can get historical information access for business, employees, duration, schedules...

Security and availability

Our service agreement (SLA) 99,99 % ...

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Our server infrastructure, all of high availability and Datacenter located in different Spanish territory, connected to Database model, allows us to offer a level of availability of 99.99%, ie, virtually uninterrupted service day after day.

Also, the redundancy of data and files on different servers ensures the integrity thereof, and permanent access.

Security, availability and reliability are fundemental pillars of our service ...

Comprehensive management of the P.R.L.

Take advantage of all the synergies that offers you a comprehensive solution to manage the Risk Prevention in the workplace

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All the management of the Risk Prevention in the workplace in only one tool: 

From the Management of business activities to the control of the training provided to employees, or monitoring of the EPI's delivered …

From the preparation and shipment of minutes coordination meetings, to the registration of detected incidents during safety inspections indicating corrective actions, execution responsibles, deadlines...

From the preparation of Risk Assessments, to the investigation of accidents and telematic delivery of communications...

From the obtaining lists of external staff in our facilities, to the planning of preventive activity, or training actions...

And all in only one tool!!

Automatic qualification documents

Pioneers in incorporating the automatic qualification documents in the Coordinating software

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We were the first to offer automatic qualifying contribution documents TC2. Then came the automatic classification of discharged documents to the Social Security TA2, then workers reports discharge (I.T.A.), and now they are some more. Our validation system is the most checked of the market, and probably the safest. 

Process automation is a distinguishing feature of our solutions. In addition to the classification of documents there are many others, contact us ...

Automation of 100% of documentary requirements

With only a clic...

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With one click, you can customize the documentation requested and provided to each company. 

The system provides the ability to create documentaries profiles in which on the one hand, it is reported the information required to the companies and their workers, and on the other hand information documents are shown at your disposal. Later, at the moment to provide the access key for the platform to the different  contracts, the documentary profile is asigned according to your activity. 

There's also the possibility of automate the workers documental requirements in an individual way. Ask us. 

“SaaS” Technology

Provide a big tool without the need to do an investment

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Among other advantages of technology "SaaS" (Software as a Service), offers the following: 

    • Does not require any investment: either software or hardware.
    • Free access from any computer with an Internet connection, no matter the place or the time (24/7).
    • Permanent updating of the application.
    • Application access from mobile devices ("smartphones" and "tablets").
    • Information Security. 
    • Suppression maintenance costs and elimination of hidden fees.
Simple interfaces and friendly environment

Thinking of the user

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Because we are aware that not all users have great computer skills, and we understand that there is no efficacy without usability, we designed an application which highlights its ease of use: 

    • SUploading files without size limitation
    • Friendly and intuitive environments.
    • Low navigation.
    • Integrated help menus. 
    • Support on line.
    • And much more ...
Modular Architecture and scalability

Set the tool to your needs and grow in it without limits and the pace you want

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The modular architecture of our software allows you to configure the tool to fit your needs, with the advantage that you can easily manage all the Risk  Prevention in the workplace  and coordination of business activities from one application; You decide what and when. The different available modules are optional recruitment therefore you will only pay for those you use. 

A scalable tool to where you want. Through it can be managed from a company with a single workplace to a group of companies with hundreds of workplaces and thousands of external  employees, configured as a group of companies and get a number of advantageous features management. Consult us...

User service

For your users and your contractors, without delays or long waits, and without additional costs

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We understand the user service as a fundemental part of our service. 

Because not all the users are equal and each one requires a distinguished attention, we assist very carefully the experienced informatic user or the freelancer that at the end of the day take advantage to upload the documents; the heterogeneity of our platform users require it. 

And to make the gears work, that attention is fundemental to face the change knowing that there is a real basis behind if you need to solve any question, or to request any explanation. We have all channels open: e-mail, on-line attention or by telephone...




Implementation of the tool in your organization

We integrate the tool with its organizational processes, while we train users

Additional training courses

If your organization requires, we can provide training courses “in situ”

Application customization

We can customize the application with its logotype and corporative colours

Software adaptations

We can adapt the functionalities required by your organization




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Integrated in a group of IT companies with over 25 years experience in the development and implementation of management software, SG RED has created a tool that responds to the current needs of Risk Prevention in the workplace and Coordination Business Activities.

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