Our fundemental values are the commitment with our costumers and the permanent innovation. This two values are part of our idiosyncrasies, they identifie and help us to maintain a leader position in a changeable environment and higlhly competitive. 

Listen to our costumers needs, offer them the best solutions and implicate with their implementation, as well as the continued development of new and better processes and databased system , are an essential part of our service commitment.

The innovation is one of ours drivers of growth and the strenght that placed us in a leader position.


More than 25 years experience in the development and implementation of managment software, are our solid bases. 

In the year 2009 an expert group in Risk Prevention of the workplace, was incorporated to the development of a new project to contribute solutions in the computerised managment of the  Coordination Business Activities.

We offer to our costumers the most probably complete, efficient and intuitive tool of the market, with the highest level of processes automation. 

how we work

Listening to our customers, analyzing their real needs and offering them the best solutions and getting involved in the implementation of them in your organization.


Always next to our costumers